The Yellow Dog campaign

The yellow dog campaign is designed to “Let others know that my dog needs space

Yellow is used with other products for caution, so the aim is for the public & all dog owners to recognise that when they see a dog in yellow they know it needs space.

Many people think that you are accepting liability for your dog by putting them in a yellow harness with KEEP AWAY or ANXIOUS written on it.  In fact the law states a dog must be under control, so walking a reactive dog on a lead with a yellow harness on, is accepting your dog is reactive for whatever reason and that it “Needs its space.”

What is more embarrassing?  Walking your dog & it reacts to another dog or person that hasn’t realised your dog is anxious or walking your dog with a yellow harness on & people giving you space, if not this time then hopefully the next time they pass a yellow dog?

Be yellow dog aware!


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