boarding kennels

30% Discount on all bookings starting from 1st October, to 15th December 2019

We have excellent boarding kennels, thoughtfully designed and constructed by a prominent veterinary surgeon, providing heated sleeping quarters and fully covered outdoor runs.


Heated bedroom
Quality bedding
Lots of toys
Doggy radio
Private covered run

Each Kennel offers our guests their own spacious, individually heated bedroom area with plenty of quality bedding and toys, although you are welcome to bring your pet’s own toys and bedding for familiarity and extra reassurance.

They can listen to “doggy radio” and have access to their own sheltered outside run during the day. Larger kennels with platform beds and feeding stations are provided for our larger sized doggy guests, and family sized kennels are available for customers who have more than one dog.

In addition to their attached run, we have several large exercise areas with secure fencing and plenty of toys.

We can accommodate dogs of most ages, puppies must have had their vaccinations and elderly dogs should still have good mobility and be comfortable being away from their home and owners.

June making herself at home in her kennel.


Social play
Large exercise paddocks
Agility jumps
One to one play with staff
Shallow paddling pools in Summer
Sand pit for digging.
Indoor exercise run

Our focus is highly aimed towards enjoyment, exercise and enrichment.

There are 4 exercise areas on site:

  • A spacious 200 metre long grassy paddock, with agility jumps and slalom that is ideal for active dogs that love to run and explore.
  • A large paddock with a “woodland” theme that has tall trees  for shade.
  • A smaller, grassy area with indoor shelter and cosy beds, for our smaller breeds to roam and play in all day.
  • And a large indoor play area for during very cold or bad weather.

Plenty of toys are supplied, such as balls, Frisbees, ropes and Kong toys for your doggy’s entertainment.   Although we have a variety of dog coats for our guests to use, it is advisable to bring your dog’s own for during exercise in colder weather.

Socialising our dog guests together, under supervision, can be a fantastic way for them to bond, make friends and play, although we do understand that this is not always suitable for some guests, for example, nervous or reactive dogs.

Whilst some kennels do not socialise dogs together, it can be a wonderful experience for your dog to have play dates, and we never socialise any dog without the owner’s consent.

If your dog is reactive, or anxious, they will get plenty of one-to-one play, exercise and enrichment time with staff.

If you would prefer your dog to have countryside walks, this may be available during our off-peak periods only.  We are fully insured, and dogs are always kept on lead and walked in pairs, or individually.

It is advised that you supply a harness if you would like your dog to be walked off site.

Please speak to a member of staff for further information. Extra charges may apply.


Sadie enjoying a lovely walk in the surrounding countryside.


Quality kibble or tinned meat
Dietary requirements
Healthy treats
Well known brands
Raw diets welcome

We provide quality kibble and tinned food in a range of flavours, ensuring that all our guests have tasty, nutritious and balanced meals that they will enjoy. For added kennel enrichment, dogs are often given meals in Kongs and activity balls. Details of your pet’s feeding regime will be discussed on arrival and maintained during their stay.

You are welcome to bring your pet’s own food with you, which is advisable if your pet has specific dietary requirements, such as Raw food.

Our guests are offered healthy “good-night” treats in the evenings.

Brands stocked include: Harringtons, Nature Diet, Symply and Winalot

Buster having fun with the agility slalom.


Your vets
Bitches in season
Puppies and elderly dogs

All of our guest’s vaccinations and annual boosters must be up to date two weeks prior to their stay with us.  Your pet’s Vaccination Certificate must be shown to staff on arrival (this can be supplied for free from your veterinary practice).

Necessary vaccinations included Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis and Hepatitis (these will be covered by the annual booster).

The intra-nasal vaccine for Kennel Cough is also required.  Kennel Cough or Infectious Bronchitis is a highly contagious flu-like illness in dogs that affects the respiratory system. The disease is caused by a mixture of viruses and bacteria and can be passed from dog to dog anywhere where they come into contact with each other – at dog shows, in kennels or just on a walk in the park. The symptoms can include a dry, hacking cough that may sound like your dogs is choking or clearing its throat. Other symptoms include watery eyes, low appetite, sneezing or nasal discharge. Although the worst of the symptoms can be alleviated with a course of antibiotics, the coughing may last for weeks.

You will need to specifically ask your vet to administer the kennel cough vaccine, as it is often not routinely administered at the time of your dog’s annual booster vaccinations. The kennel cough vaccination is not an injection, it is a tiny amount of liquid that is administered up the nose of your dog. It is a very quick and pain free vaccination and well worth your dog having, even if not going into kennels. Depending on which brand of vaccination your particular veterinary clinic uses, the kennel cough vaccination lasts either 6 or 12 months. A booster is required on or before the day it expires.

If your dog has not had the kennel cough vaccination, or if it has expired, we require it to have been administered at least 2 weeks prior to your dog’s booking.

It is also advisable that all pets have a regular flea and worming treatment.


If your pet requires medication during their stay at our kennels, please bring their medicines, detailed dosage instructions and information of any pre-existing conditions with you. Our staff are trained in administering all forms of medication, including insulin injections.

In the unlikely event that a guest needs veterinary treatment, we have access to excellent 24 hour local veterinary services.

We can accommodate dogs of most ages, puppies must have had their vaccinations and elderly dogs should still have fairly good mobility and be comfortable being away from their home and owners.

Females in season, or due a season may be accepted under prior arrangement.


Chinnor Hill Kennels reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest that does not meet the above criteria, for their own safety and well-being.

Enjoying playtime in the exercise paddock.

Doggy Spa and Grooming services

Bath, scent and style
Suitable for sensitive skin
Freshens and brightens
Long lasting pleasant fragrance
Medicated baths

Why not try out our Doggy Spa? A professional  bath, style and scent service.

We stock a range of shampoos suitable for sensitive skin, great for refreshing and brightening coats, leaving a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.  A popular choice is to include this as part of your pet’s stay with us, so your dog returns home looking and smelling their absolute best!

This may also be booked as an individual service.

Medicated baths are available, although customers will need to provide their dog’s prescribed shampoo or treatment.


Toby with his favourite toy.

Note to all customers

Starting on Friday 21st July 2017 ALL NEW BOOKINGS will have a 20% VAT charge added to our daily rate prices.

*Double charge applies for Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

Please ask a member of staff for further information

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Frequently asked questions

On arrival you must produce a valid vaccination certificate.

You are welcome to bring your dog’s own bedding and toys for familiarity.

A lead must be provided, and its advised that you provide a harness if you wish your dog to be walked off-site.

Please consider bringing coats during cold weather (for during exercise).

If you are bringing your dog’s own food, or any medication, please supply detailed feeding/dosage instructions.

Extra large dog breeds are as follows:




St Bernard

Giant Schnauzer

Standard Poodle


Dogue de Bordeaux


Irish Wolf Hound

Great Dane

Afghan Hound

Anatolian Shepherd


Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Enchlebucher Mountain Dog



Viewings are encouraged for peace of mind for which no appointment is necessary. Whilst staff would love the opportunity to meet your pets, we ask that they are not brought round the facilities during viewings.  If you have an adult family member, or friend with you, they are welcome to keep your pet company in the reception area whilst staff show you around.

Despite the name, a recent study suggests that less than half of outbreaks of Kennel Cough arise in kennels.  Your dog is at least as likely to encounter the disease in common circumstances such as: the park, the street, dog shows, training classes, in other words, anywhere that dogs meet.

Ask your Vet for advice about vaccinating against Kennels Cough, or visit for more information.

You are welcome to bring your pet’s own food with you, which is advisable if your pet has specific dietary requirements. However this does not effect the boarding cost due to additional storage and management.

We aim to spend as much time with each of our guests as possible and an exercise routine best suited to your dog can be discussed with staff on arrival.

On average, most dogs are exercised for between 2 and 4 hours per day.

Please check out our Facebook page  for some great photos of our guests having fun socialising, playing, exercise and enrichment.