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Heated bedroom
Quality bedding
Choice of beds
Doggy radio
Private covered run

Each Kennel offers our guests their own spacious, individually heated bedroom area.  You are welcome to bring your pet’s own toys and bedding for familiarity and extra reassurance.

They can listen to “doggy radio” and have access to their own sheltered outside run during the day. Larger kennels with platform beds and feeding stations are provided for our larger sized doggy guests, or for customers who have more than one dog.

We can accommodate dogs of most ages, puppies must have had their vaccinations and elderly dogs should still have good mobility and be comfortable being away from their home and owners.

During our busy peak times we use Adaptil natural pheromone plug-ins to help create a calming kennel environment.

We post regular “Pupdates” on our Facebook page so you can check out what your dogs have been up to!

June making herself at home in her kennel.

Exercise and Enrichment

Optional woodland walks
Social play
Large exercise paddocks
A comfy snug and TV room
Agility course
One to one play with staff
Shallow paddling pools in Summer
Sand pit for digging.
Indoor exercise run

Our location is perfect for long woodland walks in the beautiful Chiltern Hills..  If you would prefer your dog companions to have countryside walks (alongside activities in our paddocks), this is available during our off-peak periods.  Our dogs guests are always kept on lead when they are off-site and walked individually (or in pairs from the same home).  You can chose half hour or full hour woodland walks. It is advisable that you supply a harness if you would like your dog to be walked off site.  Please check the pricing section or contact the office for further information.


Our focus is highly aimed towards enjoyment, exercise and enrichment.

There are 3 exercise paddocks and 2 enrichment areas on site:

  • A spacious 200 metre long grassy paddock, with agility jumps, slalom, tunnel and paddling pools that is ideal for active dogs that love to run and explore.
  • A large paddock with a “woodland” theme that has tall trees for shade and tree stumps to climb and sit on.
  • A smaller, grassy area with indoor shelter, sand pit and cosy beds, for our smaller breeds and puppies to roam and play in all day.
  • And an indoor run for during very cold or bad weather.
  • A ‘snug’ room with a cosy sofa, carpet and a television.  A home away from home, great for older dogs or those who prefer cuddles or relaxing to lots of exercise.

Socialising our dog guests together, under supervision, can be a fantastic way for them to bond, make friends and play, although we do understand that this is not always suitable for some guests, for example, nervous or reactive dogs. We never socialise any dog without your written consent.  

 We can provide a variety of dog coats for our guests to use, however, it is advisable to bring your dog’s own coats for exercise during in colder weather.

Sadie enjoying a lovely walk in the surrounding countryside.


Puppies and elderly dogs

All of our guest’s core vaccinations, including Kennel Cough, must be up to date at least two weeks prior to their booking.  Your pet’s Vaccination Certificate must be shown to staff on arrival (this can be supplied for free from your veterinary practice).

The intro-nasal vaccine for Kennel Cough is also required.  You may need to ask your vet to add this to your dog’s vaccines as it may not be included in the annual boosters.  It is also advisable that all pets have a regular flea and worming treatment.

If your dog requires medication during their stay at our kennels, please bring their medicines, detailed dosage instructions and information of any preexisting conditions with you. Our staff are trained in administering all forms of medication, including insulin injections.

In the unlikely event that a guest needs veterinary treatment, we have access to excellent 24 hour local veterinary services.

We can accommodate dogs of most ages, puppies must have had their vaccinations and elderly dogs should still have fairly good mobility and be comfortable being away from their home and owners.

Chinnor Hill Kennels reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest that does not meet the above criteria, for their own safety and well-being.

Cara modelling our updated kennels (ongoing throughout 2020).


Quality food
Trusted brands
Tailored to your dog
Raw food options available

Following Veterinary advice, we feed our dog guests a minimum of twice a day at 8am and 4.30pm. You may request an extra meal for your dog at lunchtime.

Our food selection includes:

Harringtons kibble

Harringtons Grain Free kibble

Butchers Choice tinned

Butchers Tripe tinned

Chappie (kibble & tinned)

The above products are included in the your dog’s kennel fees.


Raw fed dogs:  We now supply a good selection of Natural Instinct raw dog food products which are available to buy at competitive prices in Reception. 

You can provide your dog’s own raw food if preferred.

Natural Instinct available for purchase in reception.

Doggy Spa

Dog bathing service
Blow dry
Nail clipping

Why not try our professional bathing and blow dry & scent  doggy spa or nail clipping services?

This can be included as a pamper session for your dog during their stay.

Prices start from £7.50 per service, per dog (plus VAT).

Please refer to the price list or contact a member the office for more information.


(Please note: we do not yet offer full dog grooming, clipping or hand-stripping services)

Dog Taxi Service

No need to travel to us! We now offer a safe and secure pet transport service and will collect and drop-off  your pets to and from your home, at a time that suits you.

This service is subject to availability and must be booked well in advance.

The locations we travel to are:  Oxforshire, Buckinghamshire, London, Bedfordshire and Berkshire.

Please refer to the price list or contact the office for more information.

Janie showing off our new mini agility course

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Frequently asked questions

Extra large dog breeds are as follows:




St Bernard

Giant Schnauzer

Standard Poodle


Dogue de Bordeaux


Irish Wolf Hound

Great Dane

Afghan Hound

Anatolian Shepherd


Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Enchlebucher Mountain Dog



We aim to spend as much time with each of our guests as possible and an exercise routine best suited to your dog can be discussed with staff on arrival.

On average, most dogs are exercised for between 2 and 4 hours per day.

Please check out our Facebook page  for some great photos of our guests having fun socialising, playing, exercise and enrichment.