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Our cat hotel provides individually decorated guest suites with luxurious beds and top quality entertainment. Every aspect of Chinnor Hill Kennels & Cattery has been designed around a fun and comfortable stay and the owner’s peace of mind.

Home from home Comfort

Individual suites
Cosy hand-knitted bedding
Private Outside area
Cat radio

All feline guests have their own spacious bedroom and sitting area, an open hatch (no cat-flap) allows your cat 24 hour access to their own covered outside area, with scratch posts, litter tray and furniture to sit so they can watch the birds.

They can listen to “cat radio” and have plenty of comfy hand-knitted bedding and cat toys.  This is provided, although you are welcome to bring your pet’s own for familiarity and reassurance.

For customers with a pair or trio of cats, the facilities are designed for sharing.  All ages of cats are catered for, including kittens (who have had at least their first set of vaccinations), and elderly or arthritic cats.

Both indoor and outdoor cats settle in well, due to the level of interaction given by our caring staff.


chinnor hill cattery

Play Time

Cats Corner

Our guests enjoy individual play time in our ‘Cats’ Corner’, with comfy sofa, scratch posts and enrichment toys, so they can explore, play or have cuddles as they please.

Our pet carers, whose sole job is to come in and entertain residents and to accommodate our guests special needs. In their individual suites they are provided with climbing frames, scratching posts and toys for stalking, pouncing and keeping them entertained and physically fit.

cats play time


Double door access
Secure private gardens
24 hour security

The cattery is very secure, with ‘double door’ staff access and 24 hour surveillance cameras.

All of the suites are full height, double-glazed and have central heating and well ventilated.   This meticulous attention to detail is what defines a stay at Chinnor Hill and peace of mind for their owner’s.

cats in the snow

Fine Dining

Eating plan
Dry kibble
Wet Food
Special Treats
Cat Nip
Well trusted brands

Served from their own personal cabinet, you cat’s enjoy wet or dry food served in china bowls with drinking water which is refreshed regularly. We also have a selection of special treats.

Special dietary requirements and eating plans can be catered for, please discuss with a member of staff.

Food brands stocked include:  Whiskas, Felix, Sheba and Tinned Tuna for our more selective cat guests.


Health & Safety

Peace of Mind

Required vaccinations for Cats:  Feline Entiritis & Cat Flu (Influenza).

We need to view an up to date vaccination certificate on each visit.

It is also advisable that all pets have a regular flea and worming treatment. All ages of cats are catered for, including any requiring medication.

Please bring any medication with you along with detailed dosage instructions. Only cats from the same household can share accommodation.

Should your cat become ill during its stay, we will contact your vet to seek advice, if unavailable we will contact our vet. Any costs incurred remain the responsibility of the cat’s owners.

Chinnor Hill Kennels and Cattery reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest that does not meet the above criteria, for their own safety and well-being.

cat corner

Cat Hotel Prices

Individual Cat:  £11.50 per day plus VAT

*Then £7.50 per day plus VAT, for every extra cat.  (Maximum 3 cats per pen)

Diabetic Cats: £20 Each plus VAT (Per day)


*Double charge applies for Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years Day


Please ask a member of staff for further information

Frequently asked questions

On arrival you must produce a valid vaccination certificate (Dogs, Cats and Rabbits)

You are welcome to bring your pets own bedding and toys for familiarity.

Your cat, or small pet must be transported in a carrier.

If you are bringing your pets own food, or any medication, please supply detailed feeding/dosage instructions.

Ideally, Rats and Mice should have their own cage or accommodation supplied

We do not mix our cat guests or small pets, at any time during their stay at Chinnor Hill Cattery. Every cat or small pet remains in their suite for the duration of the stay, except during play and enrichment time with staff.

We provide special scratch posts and toys to keep kittens entertained making their accommodation more exciting. We also encourage owners to bring their favourite toys for familiarity and reassurance. Most kittens settle really quickly and we always pay particular attention to them to ensure they have plenty to do.

Our guests have 24hour access to their own private garden. The private gardens are covered and secured with security mesh.